Health Saver Plus - Affordable Health Coverage

Health Saver Plus - Affordable Health Coverage for Under 65

Philadelphia American’s Health Saver Plus Gold Edition Policy offers customized insurance plans and protection where it matters most at an affordable price.  Additionally, HSP Gold offers policyholders a growing number of tools, resources and value-added benefits that are sure to help you navigate through the costly and complex healthcare marketplace.

We also provide a proprietary “Specified Disease Policy” that will protect you from costly medical procedures and expenses associated with fighting specified diseases and conditions.

You can use any doctor or hospital of your choosing without penalty; or take advantage of additional savings through the First Health Nationwide PPO network.

This coverage is approximately 50% less than most non subsidized Obamacare plans through

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTHCARE: In today's environment of rapidly rising premiums controlling your health benefit costs is a challenge. Our non-traditional and innovative approach to healthcare,  rewards consumers by offering them more flexibility, more control, more transparency and more potential for savings.

REWARD YOURSELF: Not only do you have control over the benefits you will receive, you will also have control over your healthcare spending.  Our plans reward educated consumers by returning excess claim dollars to the policyholder.

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